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Daniel Lübke

Dr.-Ing. Daniel Lübke -
Your Digital Solution Architect

What I like to do

Welcome to my profile! I am Daniel Lübke. I have studies Business Informatics and then did my PhD in Software Engineering. My professional interests are analysis, design, and implementation of complex applications using modern business models and processes.

I am an experienced Business Process and Software Architect used to solve complex problems, leading teams and following a shared goal. I make use of my long and sucesfull project experience and I like to try out new concepts by stringently looking for the benefits and costs of possible solutions.

I do not only use my expertise in project engagements but also I moderate workshops and give coachings and trainings.

Please drop me an email to contact me.

Publications & Talks

JAX 2020 JavaMagazin ObjektSpektrum JavaSpektrum

I like to share my knowledge and experience and to engange in discussions. Because of this I am the author of many articles in magazines and journals and I give talks at various conferences. My articles have been published, e.g., by Java-Magazin, JavaSPEKTRUM and OBJEKTSpektrum. I also gave talks at the JAX, W-JAX and OOP.

I am also the Autor/Editor of the following books:

O. Zimmermann, M. Stocker, D. Lübke, U. Zdun, C. Pautasso: Patterns for API Design - Simplifying Integration with Loosely Coupled Message Exchanges (Vernon Signature Series), Addison-Wesley, 2022. View at Amazon
D. Lübke, C. Pautasso: Empirical Studies on the Development of Executable Business Processes, Springer, 2019. View at Springer
T. van Lessen, D. Lübke, J. Nitzsche: Geschäftsprozesse automatisieren mit BPEL, dpunkt Verlag, 2011. View at dpunkt